Looking For Professional Hard Surface Cleaning?

Tile Cleaning Denver CO

Hard surface cleaning services include: Tile & Grout, Marble & Stone Cleaning, Polishing, Honing, and Sealing.

Unfortunately, most cleaning products and and tools simply can’t clean these are hard to get areas. In fact, some cleaners can actually make things worse by leaving sticky residues. Over time dirt and deposits become embedded in the recesses and crevices of your tile surface and grout. Because of the challenges associated with the texture of tile and grout, we use equipment and cleaning solutions specifically designed to attack these type of problems.

The 8 Step Hard Surface Cleaning Experience

Step 1: Pre-Inspection & Testing – We will inspect your floor to determine expected cleaning results.

Step 2: Sweep or Vacuum Floor – Your floor will be swept or vacuumed to revoke loose debris.

Step 3: Tape and Protect – We will protect cabinets, appliances, and any furniture in the work area.

Step 4: Apply Grout Cleaner – Grout will be treated with a top quality cleaner made especially for grout.

Step 5: Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction – This step provides a super rinse. The unlimited supply of hot water and the powerful extraction takes the soil back to the truck.

A mop and bucket won’t do this!

Step 6: Dry Floor – High speed air-movers are used to dry the surface if necessary.

Step 7: Apply Grout Sealer – A premium grout sealer is applied to prevent permanent staining.

Step 8: Post Inspection – A final inspection is done to ensure your complete satisfaction!